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Nearly a year has passed; it's time to try this again.


It has been a whole year, a lot has happened, some I want you to know, some I certainly do not. The main thing that has occurred was a mistake I knew I'd regret; walking out of high school.
It just was not for me. There was nothing there that interested me, there were no classes relating to my aspiring career, there was no one I cared about. Just because I'd talk to you did not mean I liked you as a person nor considered you a friend. I didn't give a single shit about what you nor anyone had to say.
And now I'm doing something called 'FLC'.
This should really be called 'school for the troubled' because that is what it is. The students there have problems, socially and mentally and I, a perfectly capable student am being forced to do it. I am only doing it for the benefit of others; nothing will come from it other than a piece of paper saying I spent 12 years in school.
But I digress:
I've come to realise that the field of which I want to spend my professional life in is changing. Having an on line identity is important. This does not necessarily mean Facebook and Twitter; instead I'm making it this blog.
I plan to add ../media/posts here every day or two in hopes utilising it one day as a reference to my dedication to the field. I may talk about things that I feel strongly about, programming or just general rant subjects, like it or not my voice needs to be heard; even if it is just myself in a few years.
Here's to another shitty year.

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