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Automated video-grepping for anime


I've created a bash script that extracts the subtitles from an mkv video file (main use for me is anime), greps them for a specified word, parses them and extracts only that time frame from the source video file. The script outputs the clips created to out/clips.

The main motivation behind this script is to automate the "every time x is said in anime y" YouTube videos. This doesn't extract only the single word though, instead the entire duration that line is played. It can help a lot however if you want to cut them down to only the word yourself.

How to use it:

-f/--file: the file you wish to extract clips from
-d/--directory: the directory you wish to extract clips from (does each mkv file in the directory)
-t/--track: the track number of the subtitles, you can find it with mkvinfo
-w/--word: the word or phrase you are grepping for (use quotes for phrases with spaces)
-m/--merge: merge all files in out/clips into out/out.mkv (not yet implemented)

Example of the script in use

You can find the script here.

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