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My posts about programming and things.
Date format is day/month/year because I'm sane.

More things to mention


New domain

Recently I acquired the domain 'gnupluslinux.com'. On a whim I had checked if such a domain was registered, .org was, however .com was available. I really had to have it.

Currently I have https://i.use.gnupluslinux.com point to a listing of the software I use and the root domain https://gnupluslinux.com presents an explanation of what GNU plus Linux is. I also host my screenshots on the img subdomain currently.

The source of the website and its subdomains is appropriately available under the GNU GPL version 2 on git. If you're interested in hosting something on the domain (or optional subdomain), feel free to send a PR on GitHub or via email.

snake in c

I've been wanting some terminal games recently, instead of obtaining some from online it's much more entertaining to make my own. The first was snake.

You can see an example of the game here and obtain the source code on git.

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