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Miscellaneous RGB controller additions


A month or two back I obtained a monitor arm in order to further reduce the clutter on my desk. Once setup I decided to get my RGB controller project back in a working order.

I ended up putting the strip to the underside of my monitor as well as mounting the arduino and accompanying breadboards on the back.

I added an oled display on the bottom of my monitor which currently displays the time and current song time/duration. This is achieved with a simple bash script. The arduino was programmed accordingly to receive and display the data. I also added a switch that controls the power going to the LED's. There is a slight leak of power when the RGB channels are set to 0 (meaning off), this switch allows me to kill the power supply entirely. Finally, I added a female power jack to make supplying the required 12v easier.

The code as always is available on git, now licensed under GPL 3.

The wiring is an absolute hackjob. I don't particularly enjoy wiring or working with components, let alone a soldering iron.

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