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RGB Controller

C/C++, PHP, HTML, cross platform, Qt Framework, Arduino

Code on GitHub

Using an Arduino, C/C++ and the Qt Framework I have created a controller that allows you to control the colours of an RGB LED strip.


  • Crossplatform
  • GUI standalone application
  • IRC bot for LED control
  • Web-based controller allowing control from any browser
  • Headless server application for receiving external connections
GUI application

RGB controller 1
  • status preview indicating current connection state
  • dropdown list populated by available serial ports
  • refresh button allowing the user to repopulate the dropdown
  • convenient connect/disconnect buttons
  • UI elements enable/disable appropriately
  • ping/pong system to keep the Arduino and host computer connected

RGB controller 2
  • sliders for modifying red, green and blue values
  • updates dynamically as you move the sliders
  • red, green and blue buttons for setting solid colours
  • off button to turn all colours off

RGB controller 3
  • allows fading of each red, green and blue channel dynamically
  • fade from and to values to allow precise fade control of each colour
  • toggle buttons to begin/end the fade of each colour individually
  • sliders to modify the speed of each colour individually
  • single slider that changes all colours speed at once, confirm button

RGB controller 4
  • presets stored locally in a text file and is parsed
  • dropdown menu listing all saved presets
  • button to load the current selected presets values
  • reload button allowing users to reload presets if changed externally
  • allows the user to save the current colour values, requires a name to be given
  • delete button to delete the currently selected preset, confirmation box displays

RGB controller 5
  • IRC bot allows commands from a single user, example "!send off;red=255;blue=255"
  • input boxes for the server, port, channel and bot name
  • automatically detects disconnections and attempts to reconnect

RGB controller 6
  • socket server allowing external client to connect and issue their own commands
  • default port of 3001

RGB controller 7
  • Information log showing messages from the application/Arduino
  • shows number of ping/pong exchanges
  • allows sending raw commands to the Arduino

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