About Daniel Jones

Who am I

Name: Daniel Jones (daniel_j)
Age: 19
Location: Australia

I'm a young computer enthusiast living in South Australia. I'm interested heavily in programming and all things Linux. I was born in 1997 and use Arch on my main machine.

What is this place

A personal website of mine. I use it to store files, share things, blog etc. Check out the links available on the side navigation bar. The blog is a great place to start. I ramble about programming and life.

My computer and Counter Strike settings

My Counter Strike: Global Offensive autoexec/config file can be found here.
GPU: Nvidia gtx 660Ti
CPU: Intel core i7 3770k @ stock
Mouse: Logitech g502
Keyboard: Razer Deathstalker
DPI: 400
In-game senitivity: 0.9
Resolution: 800x600 4:3
Color mode: Television
Brightness: 1.6
Digital vibrance: 1023 (Nvidia)

Finding me

I am always online - when I am not, I must be sleeping .. or dead. I generally suggest people contact me via email, but I can also be found in various other places:
  • Email - admin@danieljon.es I always have my email open, expect a fast response.
  • IRC - I am always using IRC and can be found in multiple places, I'm in #bukkake on irc.danieljon.es, or you can use the webchat link provided on the navigation bar.
  • Steam - A link to my main profile is available in the navigation bar.