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Name - Daniel Jones (daniel_j)
Born - 1997
Location - Australia
daniel@danieljon.es PGP public key
daniel_j on irc.danieljon.es, #bukkake

Server management
Anime recommendations

OS: Arch Linux
wm: dwm
shell: bash
editor: vim
music: cmus
video: mpv
file management: bash
terminal: st (suckless terminal)
multiplexer: tmux/screen
browser: suckless surf (with suckless tabbed)/conkeror
irc client: irssi
web server: apache
irc server: unrealircd
game: osu!

I enjoy primarily Japanese music including a mixture of various vocaloids. When listening to music I don't want to be thinking about lyrics, yet enjoy the emotional touch they give, this is why non-english music is superior. I research the songs I enjoy and understand their context when I feel the time is right. A full listing of my music can be found here.

I prefer to adhere to the KISS (keep it simple, stupid) principle.

PGP public key
A6F2 BBDB E344 84E7 47F5 0F5B E9D3 B78E D16E 2BAB

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