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In most websites you find today there is an unhealthy reliance on Javascript to the point of entirely not rendering (I'm looking at you YouTube) or outright denying access when Javascript as a whole (or on a script-by-script basis) is prevented from running. I don't hate Javascript itself, in some (albeit rare) occasions it is useful and very welcome, unfortunately however, most of the time it's used for tracking everything you do, fingerprinting your browser, executing untrusted scripts written by beginners that don't know what they're doing and advertisements. I keep Javascript disabled unless I need it to complete a task, and so should you.


Music is a tool I use for comfort and am always listening to something while I use my computer. I feel uncomfortable not listening to something while I'm concentrating or using a computer, I suspect this has its roots from back in my days in high school always listening to music in order to avoid people. My taste in music has changed since then though - back them I would listen to Eminem and nothing else. For the past few years however I've turned to Japanese music. The emotions portrayed in Japanese music, especially soundtracks from anime (namely K-On and Shoujo Shuumatsu) are extreme and always provoke an emotional response from me, more than anything I've found in English music. However, it's not always because of the lyrics. I often know the context for what I'm listening to because I've read the translations and seen the source material, however sometimes it's purely because of the way it's vocalised.

Here are a few examples, give them all a go.
Shoujo Shuumatsu: 1 2 K-On: 1 2

Emotional content

Considering something sad or emotional is extremely subjective and people will rarely agree, I'm definitely no exception. I cry on more occasions than I'd like to admit, most, if not all of these occasions revolve entirely around an anime I have seen. I don't know what it is about anime that always seems to make me overly emotional, but it does and I love it so much that I hate it. I Don't seek out anime that have heavy emotional baggage - I'm normally drawn in by cute characters, it just so happens that I get way too emotionally attached. It's not just implicitly bad things though, I'm particularly bad with endings. Often the ending of an anime series will impact me more than something tragic.

Recently at the time of writing this I've had 4 separate anime/manga based content bring me to the edge of emotional trauma. K-On (specifically season 2 + movie), Kimi No Na Wa, Koe No Katachi and the Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou manga. I'm out of tears now, I think it's time to finish Amaama to Inazuma.

Mobile phones

In most aspects of life today a mobile phone seems to be required. A phone call or text message is the only way many people communicate, they often forget or neglect the existence of other technologies such as email. I personally do not currently use a phone; I have one, but it is in a drawer with its battery and SIM card removed. This has brought me many inconveniences such as not being alerted to cancelled classes. I do own a SIM card however - purely because I use Slack (not for fun, see IRC) and the team I am in requires two factor authentication. I know applications exists that fit that 2FA role, however for other reasons I do not use them. At the beginning of each year I purchase a new SIM card as the one I was previously using only lasts one year without purchasing credit for it.

Why do I not use a mobile phone? Privacy and freedom, mostly. A mobile phone is a tracking device everyone willingly carries, they record and upload information about your habits and location. Many (if not all) contain backdoors allowing those with knowledge to access and use your device as they wish (remotely activate your microphone or camera, install or remove applications). Most are tied heavily into either the Apple or Google ecosystem without the opportunity to free your device from their grasp. Some devices do allow you to run free operating systems that do not rely at all on Google or Apple, however these phones are hard to come across and are still tracking devices that run non-free software with the possibility of doing evil things (GSM modules).

There exists some projects attempting to remedy this dire situation (see the Librem 5), however they're expensive and, in the case of the Librem 5, not even released.

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