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status bar (binstatus) changes


I've rewritten my status bar that I use for dwm. It is now completely dynamic and allows customisation through a config.h header file. Yes, I am copying the suckless way of doing things - it's great.

The bar looks like this currently:
(time, battery percent, battery status - D for discharging battery)

The status bar is customised by changing an array that consists of structs. The struct used contains a pointer to a function and a flag (integer). You can use any of the provided functions (see components.h) as a part of the struct. Adding your own is easy, they must just return a char *.

static const struct component components[] ={
	 /*      function        flag    */
	        {currenttime,   NORMALTIME|SHOWMERIDIEM},
	        {battery,       NONE},
	        {charging,      NONE},
The image above was made using this array. If you so desire, you can add more clocks, or any other component, just add another array element. The components are drawn in order.

Flags currently include: 12 hour time, 24 hour time, time shown in binary and whether to show AM/PM. (OR the flags together)

The source code can be found in my git repo.

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