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Got an x200T and some figures, libreboot tools


I purchased an x200T for reading manga (and because thinkpads are sexy as fuck). It has 6GB memory and came with a 120GB SanDisk SSD. The keyboard is a shitty replacement, which is unfortunate. Original charger, new (probably shitty) battery, pen (needed a good clean with IPA, it was very sticky and gross) and nice conditioned lid. I don't intend to libreboot this one anytime soon, though.

I also purchased 2 Girl's Last Tour Nendroids and the Girl's Last Tour premium boxset.

I've also purchased a raspberry pi zero w and a soic-16 clip for librebooting my x200. I had 3 pi's but they are all dead, so I needed a new one. I could have used my bluepill devboard, however that looked harder as there were no tutorials on using it.

I did also buy a ch341a USB programmer to use as a librebooting tool, however its voltages are completely wrong.

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