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Librebooted my x200


Today I finally librebooted my thinkpad x200. This wont be a full tutorial because a million people have done that, instead it will be a collection of things I had to figure out and whatnot.

tl;dr: I followed this tutorial and it worked fine. Though there was an error in the pinout diagram they provide, my corrected version: (click to see larger picture)

First let me say the libreboot install docs were hard for me to follow logically with how it is laid out and the research you are expected to do first.

Now for some pictures of the process:

Checked the BIOS and ECC versions are the latest:

Completed the required laptop disassembly:

Wired up the pi as required:

Put the clip on and connected it to the pi correctly:

Replaced the wifi card:

First boot:

From here, I migrated the Arch install to Parabola and life was free.

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