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Logic gate simulator


I made a logic gate simulator in C++ using the FOX toolkit.

A working full-adder:

Video of program in action:

Click on an icon and left-click anywhere on the canvas to place that gate (or input/output).
Select a gate by left-clicking on it and press delete to delete that gate and its links.
Hold shift and left-click and drag a link to another gate to connect them.
Click on a gates input to highlight that particular link, press the delete key to delete that link.
Right-click on an input to toggle it on and off.
You can save to an XML file by clicking the save button and selecting a name.
You can also load from an xML file by clicking load.
Some example circuits are provided in the examples/ directory.

To build:
You need the FOX toolkit and pugixml installed. On arch install 'fox' and 'pugixml' packages,

cmake CmakeLists.txt
The binary will be in bin/

The source code can be found in my git repository.

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