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My online identity and why being a nice guy screws you over


Unlike many of you (or at least I presume) I've been known online by many 'handles' used to hide my real identity. No, I'm not referring to Mr. Anonymous on 4chan, instead a unique name that people can identify you with online. Lately however I've thrown the idea of anonymity out of the window and instead have been using the name 'daniel_j'.
You may or may not know me in real life, (if you do, sorry) but I tend to personally stick to a simple rule: Be as nice as I can possibly be and give anything I can to make others happy. Some may view this as 'buying' respect from people; well it is, that is true. What more can be said? Respect isn't something that comes free, it always has a price. Whether the price is weeks, months and years of time speaking and chatting with certain people online, getting to know each other greatly, or simply providing a service hosted on your own hardware/servers, it isn't cheap and it can heavily affect ones attitude towards you as a person - either positive or negative.
An inherit flaw to my master plan of utter bliss is that sometimes I just can't provide what is needed to either gain or prolong the respect once had and treasured. I don't like that - I can't handle the idea of not being able to provide something to you.
But that is crazy. Who are you to ask for something from me when I'm already providing you with something that is costing me. But, then again why am I happily providing you with a service. I met you randomly and felt bad due to your current service situation. Why am I not just putting you on my blacklist of people and carrying on. Why am I even typing this out, is it because I can't confront you again? Don't worry, I'm not removing your service, I enjoy it actually.
I'm a nice guy right, someone will one day show such niceness to me, right?
The solution isn't being an asshole, right?
If you're reading this - and you know who you are, I don't hate you, and I'm certainly not ignoring you, I just can't say no.

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