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Research Project - How I plan for failure.


I'd like to post this little masterpiece I just wrote up.
This is how I plan things - not good.
Failure seems to be my end goal, but is it?

 so, I really need to get a move on and get my research project done

I don't want to bother handing this project in if it isn't of above-medium standards because that makes all of this a waste of time.
If I ever think it is shit - I am dumping it all.
Or maybe I won't, I really, really don't care about any of it right now.
Things I have finished:
        - RGB LED project.
                I have it done, all the programming etc, and it works. In fact, I have been using it for months - way before I even considered it for this subject, yes, i'm not going to learn anything.
Things I need to do:
        - proposal
                I want 1.5-2k words, maybe more.
        - research process
                I have no damn clue what I am going to do here. Have to pull something out of thin air I guess .. about 9 pages of it too.
        - log of every session
                This may actually be done legit, because, let's be honest, I've really done nothing, so the entries can be made up.. on the actual dates.
        - final outcome
        - review

So, what the hell is my final outcome anyway?
        - Website - static JS, HTML, CSS - NO PHP, sadly it needs to be handed in via USB.
                how will they view it?
                        - they will need to open a page called index.html in their browser .. if they cannot manage this I really don't care for their marks/grades
        - Video of the project (I am not a graphical artist/into video editing, it will be a horrible video - editing wise)
                (AFTER THOUGHT: the video will basically be a power point presentation, with little video clips and voice overs in it, that counts, right)
                what will it contain?
                        - Entire video will be voiced over
                        - brief introduction of myself? (seems kinda gay)
                        - motivation behind the project
                                should this be an outline of my proposal?
                        - graphical schematics of the project and UI designs with explanations of my reasons behind things, simmilar ot ins the proposal
                                these will be static images with voice over
                        - parts list
                                insert pictures of each part, maybe talk about their purpose
                        - show pictures of it being put together - of course I will have to take it apart and put it back together, because all of this is basically a lie
                        - talk about challenges I faced constructing it - I did encounter issues .. just not now, about 6 months ago when I originally made it maybe even longer, I hope they don't look at my blog media/posts about it
                will it be on YouTube?
                        - no, it will be an mp4 file located on the USB drive submitted

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