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The end of 2016 and my future


As 2016 comes to an end it's time to reflect upon the year. Drama wise, it has been the best yet, the US election specifically and lately, the Reddit drama with Spez - I love drama.
However, on a personal level, this year has been different from any other in many ways. I began 2016 motivated to finally be done with school, and it went well up until August, I was so close, literally weeks away. But I lost grasp of everything, I fell once again into a pit of depressive nothingness. During August I had broken my shoulder, I was in agony for around two or so months, not able to use my left arm. As a left handed individual this was incredibly depressing. I had to relearn how to do everything with only my right hand, I couldn't play CS:GO and I couldn't type at a reasonable pace with only my non-dominate hand. It was around October I was finally able to start re-using my left hand for basic tasks, I could finally shower and sleep without incredible pain. Around November I finally regained my left arm enough to do most things. To this day I still have shoulder pain when lifting things and sleeping on my side and fear it will never go away.
At this point all my school work was due, it had piled up during the last few months, I hadn't done any of it, I had to rush everything. I managed to complete my Research Project start to finish in only a week, I don't know how I managed. However it was too late. The deadlines had come and gone, and I told school to have me back for 2017. I fucking promised myself I wouldn't be in the same position at the end of 2016 as I was at the conclusion of 2015, but I am, once again I have spent a year and achieved nothing. Many other things have happened to me this year, all of which are personal and horrible, however you do not need to know any of it.

Ending on a positive note

This year hasn't been all bad. Around two months ago I had been accepted into a trial moderation program for the subreddit r/GlobalOffensive with around half a million subscribers, this is a subreddit dedicated to the only game I have ever truly enjoyed and have sunk nearly 2 thousand hours into - Counter Strike Global Offensive. I've spent the last four years of my life on IRC and with that came some moderation duties on the BeamNG IRC channel and I found it incredibly fun. When I noticed this particular subreddit accepting moderator applications I knew I had to apply. 0 expectations going in, as with everything in life of course, however this time I came out a winner. Fast forward a month out of the 11 accepted applicants I was one of the four accepted as a moderator. This is fun, the last two or so months have been entirely taken by moderating the subreddit and interacting with the community both via IRC and Discord. How long will this enjoyment last? Probably not long, but I shall enjoy it while it lasts.

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