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RGB controller revisted


Over the past few days I have revisted my RGB controller project. The state of the project was stale and I didn't appreciate how I went about making the microcontroller side of things work. I began by revamping the microcontroller code, I changed how serial data was handled and parsed - this allowed me to add aditional functions other thaqn plain old R, G and B color modifications. I began experimenting with color fading, I thought the results were nice, however I had to taclke the issue of scheduling (psuedo multithreading), I managed to find a nice library that allowed me to do this easily. I integrated fading and many other options to go along with it (more on that later) and began revamping my user interface and the code behind the frontend of the project. To fit with the new data communication scheme I had to rewrite most of my communication functions, adding a few etc. Once this was done I integrated a new section to the user interface named "fade". Here is screenshot of the additions.

New features:

As always, you can find the project on GitHub
This has been the only spark of motivation for programming i've had in a long time. This is ultimately depressing.

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