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How I do what I do with my computer


I've never gone in depth on how I use my computer and the things that I do every day, so i'm going to now.

My environment

For a few years now I have run only Linux and have found myself ending up on Arch Linux. I use the i3 window manager, I have not riced my computer, I find it to be unproductive and a hassle. I prefer to spend most of my time in the terminal, therefore I do not have a graphical file manager, I use a terminal-based music player, do my programming in vim and other things that don't need mentioning (password management etc). I use tmux for terminal multiplexing and I use lxterminal.

i3 setup

I use dmenu for application launching, i3blocks as a status bar and heavily utilise i3 scripting for many of my system shortcuts.


I currently utilise 7 desktops, each have their own purpose.

Programming environment

In progress. Looking back on this post I probably wont ever finish it though.

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