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In need of a notification program, so I created my own


While uploading an image to my file hosting service using the api and a script utilising curl, scrot and xclip I was left pasting the contents of my clipboard into the url bar hoping that, eventually the image url would be there. The script I was using had no way of reporting that it had finished, so I had no clue when it was. To solve this first world problem I needed a notification program. While installing one and configuring it would have been the easiest option, I instead decided to create my own. Using, like all my other projects, Qt and C++ I did just that.

The application is incredibly simple, however is very effective. The following command is what was used to create the notification seen in the image:
notifier "<b><u>Screenshot</u></b>" "<font color=green>uploaded and copied to clipboard.</font>" 5000
HTML tags are supported, allowing you to customise the text completely, you can also embed images. The top right includes a close button for easy removal and the application allows input of how long it should stay open until it closes itself, this is measured in ms. The notification appears correctly in the bottom right of my main monitor and has a customisable x and y offset. It resizes itself dynamically to keep all the content on screen.
The project is not as of yet on GitHub, i'm not happy with the quality of the code yet.

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