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RGB Controller improvements


Recently I decided to overhaul my RGB Controller's interface. Originally, the interface was extremely tall consisting of all its features one upon the other. Now, I have used tabs allowing each function to have it's own section.

Along with the new interface I have added a new system that allows the host computer to check its connection status with the microcontroller, after 3 failed ping/pong attempts the program determines the connection has been lost and returns te program into it's default, non connect state. This feature has brought with it true two-way communication between the host and microcontrollrer, previously the communication was only one way, host -> microcontroller.

I have also integrated an IRC bot into the program, supplying it with a server, port, channel name and username you are able to take advantage of the full feature set of the GUI application using simple commands, "!send red=255" will for example set red to 255. These commands can be delimited by ';', for example "!send red=255;blue=255". The bot only takes commands from a hard coded user, this is easy to change and I plan to add an option in the UI to alter this.

Example of the current interface on the 'Fade' tab.

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