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A while ago I started writing a project that I intended to implement into sic that would warn me when I attempt to repost a link into an IRC channel. My interest in the project faded, so I likely will never complete it.

The source code can be found in my git repo.

A month or two ago I pulled the plug on self-hosting my email and now use another provider. It isn't ideal, but whatever.

I started a manga collection and have very quickly amassed 19 volumes of series I loved. I also picked up a few volumes from the Manga guide to series. I'm currently reading the volumes on electricity and microprocessors. Very fun and educational.

I also a while ago acquired a couple stm32 dev boards that I intended to learn and use, problem being shipping took a long time and my interest bled, I need to find motivation for that again.

I am also quickly nearing 100 posts here, currently this is 97. Now that means nothing as half of it is dribble, but my sitegenerator by memory will break when it has to handle the 100th post. I hope my memory is wrong, I really don't want to look at that disgusting code again.

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