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UPS battery failing

My CyberPower BR650ELCD UPS battery finally had its battery die after many years, no idea how many, 4-5? I purchased a new battery for it.

I also purchased a second UPS, the APC BX700U. It is generally the same specs, 700va 390W, though this one is not a user replaceable battery.

I've now put the CyberPower UPS upstairs for my camera server + router/modem and kept the APC in my room.

4-Bit Adder

A month or so ago I started building a 4-Bit Adder circuit on a breadboard using logic gates, I've only implemented 2 bits so far, education and work became busy. This was my first go at using solid-core wire, so it is pretty ugly.

4-Bit Adder circuit on breadboard


I also have my first shelf filled! These are the series I hold dearest to my SOL loving heart.

Manga shelf

I don't know if I will continue getting manga or go towards artwork for a while, my walls are bare. I'd like to get some figurines, but quality ain't cheap. I've found many wall scrolls I'd like to get, I should commit to it.

old project

An old project of mine animegrep (which I named 'everytime-desu' originally) has been picked up by someone else and improved upon a little. You can find their fork here.

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