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Things that I dislike

These are my opinions.
I don't much care how you feel about them.

These notes are written in the heat of the moment whenever something annoyed me. Justification is lacking and I may not hold the same opinion today.

Microsoft Windows - proprietary operating system that doesn't respect their users freedoms

Other operating systems that do not respect their users freedoms

Software that doesn't respect their users freedoms

Mobile phones and most of their operating systems - explanation

Users that dual-boot a GNU plus Linux distribution (or another alternative) and Windows, especially if their reason is gaming

Users that run Kali GNU plus Linux that aren't penetration testers or skilled in anyway - basically script kiddies

People that cover their laptops and devices in stickers - a few stickers are acceptable as long as they're meaningful, but come on, if you put a Tux sticker on your machine that runs Windows or have a git sticker yet couldn't resolve a merge conflict or simply commit a file, there's a special place in hell for you. See here about anime stickers

Javascript - see here

Multiple monitor computer setups - At one point I had dual monitors when I was using a floating window manager. The need for more than one monitor is essentially eliminated with a tiling window manager and multiple workspaces/tags. If you have a legitimate need for multiple monitors then I'm okay with it, otherwise I feel it is unecessary

Reliance on a mouse - early 2018 I stopped using a computer mouse entirely, it was difficult at first for some tasks, however through the experience I realised that hunk of plastic is more harm than good. Use a tiling window manager and keyboard-friendly applications, please

Dynamic websites - I'm a minimalist and dislike things being overly complicated when they just should not be. Websites should be fast, small, static and scriptless (as much as possible). The internet was designed for small, static HTML pages, can't we go back to the glory of those days? Modern, flat, sliding interfaces with god damn motherfucking loading icons are a cancer

Comments on social media/forums that include information about suicide/depression/whatever hotlines - You're not being helpful. These people, and it may be a surprise to you, are not idiots and know how to find a phone number. A phone call is not going to solve their problems, nor is your reddit comment going to push them into calling, instead it gives you the warm-and-feelies thinking you've finally done something good

Adding /woman (or a variation of) to a word or phrase - policeman/woman, fireman/woman, these are unnecessary extra characters. Use an alternative like police officer, firefighter. I get you're trying to be all inclusive but people do not use these phrases in practice and it's only making reading them more difficult

People that make donations and post about having done so online. That completely nullifies any "good" you have done - which is barely any, mind you. That money is definitely not going where you think it is

"I'm no programmer but fixing x should be easy", yes, you clearly are not a programmer. Just because something to an outsider looks simple, doesn't mean it is. That particular bug may be the result of spaghetti a mile long or require entire rewrites of other components. And if you are a programmer or interested in becoming one, that code is free as in freedom (well, it should be, if it isn't you're denying yourself freedom), look into fixing it yourself

People that treat email like instant messaging - write ONE email, put some thought into it before you send it, and for gods sake, check who you're sending it to

Social media

Google Chrome/Chromium

Politics - Everyone lies, all media coverage is heavily biased and i don't care enough to filter through all the bullshit

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