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Librebooted my x200


Today I finally librebooted my thinkpad x200. This wont be a full tutorial because a million people have done that, instead it will be a collection of things I had to figure out and whatnot.

tl;dr: I followed this tutorial and it worked fine. Though there was an error in the pinout diagram they provide, my corrected version: (click to see larger picture)

First let me say the libreboot install docs were hard for me to follow logically with how it is laid out and the research you are expected to do first.

Now for some pictures of the process:

Checked the BIOS and ECC versions are the latest:

Completed the required laptop disassembly:

Wired up the pi as required:

Put the clip on and connected it to the pi correctly:

Replaced the wifi card:

First boot:

From here, I migrated the Arch install to Parabola and life was free.

Got an x200T and some figures, libreboot tools


I purchased an x200T for reading manga (and because thinkpads are sexy as fuck). It has 6GB memory and came with a 120GB SanDisk SSD. The keyboard is a shitty replacement, which is unfortunate. Original charger, new (probably shitty) battery, pen (needed a good clean with IPA, it was very sticky and gross) and nice conditioned lid. I don't intend to libreboot this one anytime soon, though.

I also purchased 2 Girl's Last Tour Nendroids and the Girl's Last Tour premium boxset.

I've also purchased a raspberry pi zero w and a soic-16 clip for librebooting my x200. I had 3 pi's but they are all dead, so I needed a new one. I could have used my bluepill devboard, however that looked harder as there were no tutorials on using it.

I did also buy a ch341a USB programmer to use as a librebooting tool, however its voltages are completely wrong.

website generator RSS support


I added RSS support to the website generator. This blogs RSS stream can be found here.

The source code can be found in my git repo.

website generator re-written in C


For the last week or so I have been re-writing my static website genertor in C (again), but this time I finished it. This website is now generated using it.

The source code can be found in my git repo.

status bar (binstatus) changes


I've rewritten my status bar that I use for dwm. It is now completely dynamic and allows customisation through a config.h header file. Yes, I am copying the suckless way of doing things - it's great.

The bar looks like this currently:
(time, battery percent, battery status - D for discharging battery)

The status bar is customised by changing an array that consists of structs. The struct used contains a pointer to a function and a flag (integer). You can use any of the provided functions (see components.h) as a part of the struct. Adding your own is easy, they must just return a char *.

static const struct component components[] ={
	 /*      function        flag    */
	        {currenttime,   NORMALTIME|SHOWMERIDIEM},
	        {battery,       NONE},
	        {charging,      NONE},
The image above was made using this array. If you so desire, you can add more clocks, or any other component, just add another array element. The components are drawn in order.

Flags currently include: 12 hour time, 24 hour time, time shown in binary and whether to show AM/PM. (OR the flags together)

The source code can be found in my git repo.

Got some things


I've purchased a few cool things lately:

I finally got a thinkpad x200! A friend found the listing on ebay - it was a reasonable price compared to everything else available. 4GB ram, no damage, some scratches on the lid. I am yet to libreboot it, but that is the plan. There will be a post on doing that at some point.

I have purchased a new SSD for my desktop, so this x200 will eventually get the SSD that was in that. Or I will just buy a cheap one. Honestly, the HDD is fast enough for me.

I also got some figures, wall scrolls and a boxset. The pictures are shit and don't represent real colors and detail... The yagate scroll is shit in real life, though.

Mute music while something else plays audio


I wanted to mute my music when another application (mpv or browser) started playing an audio stream and unmute the music when that stream ended. To do this I had a look at the pulseaudio API and started investigating how I could go about doing this. Quickly someone pointed me to the modules page on the pulseaudio wiki, specifically the role ducking module.

"This module lowers the volume of less important streams when a more important stream appears, and raises the volume back up once the important stream has finished (this is called "ducking")."

This is exactly what I wanted. Programs run with their media.role set to "browser" will make anything run with the media.role of "music" mute themselves. Implementing it into my environment was straight forward:

MariaDB hassle


For a TAFE project I am doing some stuff in PHP (simple store, see it live on https://manga.gnupluslinux.com and find the source code here) and it requires some databases.

I designed the database in WorkBench and attempted to forward engineer it to my local instance of MariaDB which lead to an error message.

Long story short, MariDB does not support the 'VISIBLE' key word, yet it claims to be a drop in replacement for MySQL. It mostly is, but that's annoying.

You can either remove the keyword 'VISIBLE' from the generated script or set your target MySQL version to 5.7 in WorkBench which does not support the keyword.

simple csv parse


I store purchases I make in a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is becoming a pain to use so I am creating a program to store them in a database and prettyprint purchases.

The first piece needed was to parse the csv output of the spreadsheet, I did this with a simple C program:

#define _GNU_SOURCE
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>

struct purchase
	char *product;
	char *website;
	char *date;
	char *cost;
	char *notes;

parsepurchase(struct purchase *p, char *line)
	char *modline;
	char *bup;
	size_t linesize;
	size_t len;
	linesize = strlen(line);
	modline = malloc(linesize + 1);
	bup = modline;
	strcpy(modline, line);
	modline = strtok(modline, ",\"");

	p->product = malloc(strlen(modline) + 1);
	strcpy(p->product, modline);

	modline = strtok(NULL, ",\"");
	p->website = malloc(strlen(modline) + 1);
	strcpy(p->website, modline);

	modline = strtok(NULL, ",\"");
	p->date = malloc(strlen(modline) + 1);
	strcpy(p->date, modline);

	modline = strtok(NULL, ",\"");
	p->cost = malloc(strlen(modline) + 1);
	strcpy(p->cost, modline);

	modline = strtok(NULL, ",\"");
	p->notes = malloc(strlen(modline) + 1);
	strcpy(p->notes, modline);

	/* remove unwanted newline when note exists */
	len = strlen(p->notes) - 1;
	if (p->notes[len] == '\n')
		p->notes[len] = '\0';

	printf("%s, %s, %s, %s, %s\n",

freepurchases(struct purchase *purchases, size_t count)
	size_t i = 0;
	while (i != count)

main(int argc, char **argv)
	FILE *file;
	struct purchase purchases[512]; /* max 512 entries for now */
	char *line;
	size_t len;
	ssize_t read;
	int i;

	if (argc != 2)
		printf("use: %s csvfile\n", argv[0]);

	file = fopen(argv[1], "r");
	if (!file)
		fprintf(stderr, "unable to open csv file\n");

	line = NULL;
	len = 0;
	i = 0;

	while ((read = getline(&line, &len, file)) != -1)
		parsepurchase(&purchases[i], line);

	freepurchases(purchases, i);

more updates


UPS battery failing

My CyberPower BR650ELCD UPS battery finally had its battery die after many years, no idea how many, 4-5? I purchased a new battery for it.

I also purchased a second UPS, the APC BX700U. It is generally the same specs, 700va 390W, though this one is not a user replaceable battery.

I've now put the CyberPower UPS upstairs for my camera server + router/modem and kept the APC in my room.

4-Bit Adder

A month or so ago I started building a 4-Bit Adder circuit on a breadboard using logic gates, I've only implemented 2 bits so far, education and work became busy. This was my first go at using solid-core wire, so it is pretty ugly.

4-Bit Adder circuit on breadboard


I also have my first shelf filled! These are the series I hold dearest to my SOL loving heart.

Manga shelf

I don't know if I will continue getting manga or go towards artwork for a while, my walls are bare. I'd like to get some figurines, but quality ain't cheap. I've found many wall scrolls I'd like to get, I should commit to it.

old project

An old project of mine animegrep (which I named 'everytime-desu' originally) has been picked up by someone else and improved upon a little. You can find their fork here.
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